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The People of Grenfell Tower

In the early hours of 14 June 2017, a fire tore through Grenfell Tower in West London. 72 lost their lives, including 18 children. Many others faced a harrowing escape.

Here, flat by flat, we tell you their stories.

About this interactive report

Our aim is to tell the story of each flat in Grenfell Tower, and what happened on the night of the fire to the individuals, couples and families who lived there. We hope this will be both a comprehensive record of the tragedy, and a memorial to all those who lost their lives.

We started by building the most detailed picture possible of who lived in the 24-storey tower. For this we used a series of lists and databases, including the current unedited electoral roll, a list of the building’s tenants, commercially available registers and crowd-sourced community lists, along with Channel 4 News’ own sources.

We then sought to find out what happened in each flat. In many cases we have spoken directly to friends or relatives of the victims, or survivors. In others, we’ve drawn from the most reliable public accounts we could find, attributing other news sources. In all cases we’ve taken great care to ensure the details are as accurate as possible.

The most sensitive information of those who lost their lives comes from the authorities, either the police or inquests. For other details we’ve used the most direct accounts we can, and taken great care to identify and remove errors. All those listed as losing their lives died as a result of the fire. And all ages given are the ages on the date of the fire.

The interactive graphic represents the appearance of Grenfell Tower in the days after the fire. It has been created by applying a photomontage of images taken at the scene to a scale 3D model.

So far we have included the flats and stories already covered publicly. However, if you lived in the tower and would like your story told, please get in touch. Equally, while we have taken every care to avoid mistakes, if there are any inaccuracies, please contact us. You can email

Guy Basnett, Stephanie Stafford and Martin Williams
Interactive graphic
Felix Renicks
Additional reporting
Ziad Al-Hasso, Patrick Worrall, Delara Shakib, David Weisbloom and Daire Collins.